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Seriously, don't take it too seriously.

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I've long been a senior strategist in the Voluntary and Community Sector (read: Charities & not-for-personal-profit organisations) in the UK, with particular emphasis on improving wellbeing for our beneficiaries/ service users/ clients/ customers = people who we try to help.

I've been Chief Executive of several mid-size charities: my first in Birmingham thirty-odd years ago, my last was one working with and for older people across Berkshire. I've even done brief time for the local Library Service.

So, despite the retirement age arriving a few years ago, I'm very pleased to be working for the excellent inVOLve Community Services as Trustee Recruitment & Governance Lead, helping to improve charity governance in voluntary and community organisations across the Thames Valley (and a bit wider now), looking for more-diverse trustee recruitment, as well as providing training, support and governance advice to trustees and other not-for-personal-profit organisations.

And, I'm privileged to also be the Chair of Home-Start Surrey Heath, an excellent charity supporting families with children under five, in Camberley and surrounds.

Of course, with all this part-time, partial-retirement, lazing about in the garden is also easily enough for me, with a fair-sized garden in Bracknell, south of the Thames.

...that keeps me in this tourist town

Born south of the Thames in London, I studied Architecture in Portsmouth until the radical housing movement of the 1970s grabbed me, fired my strongly left-of-centre politics and my voluntary work with communities.
My paid career took off with Adventure Playwork, followed by youth work management, then community development, including assisting a Pakistani education organisation, dabbling in ICT strategy for a national housing charity, Chair of a Children's Trust (while they still existed), CEO with an older people's organisation and later for a charities-support organisation in the Midlands.
Along that path I acquired a Youth & Community Work qualification from what is now the University of Greenwich, then an MBA from the University of Birmingham looking at social capital and connected communities, long before these days of always-connected social media…
That's all in far too much detail on LinkedIn.

Adventure Playground fun

Outside of the Voluntary Sector, I have intense passions for music - currently from Elvis Costello to Willis Earl Beal and Martha Wainwright via Damien Rice, Bombino, Ásgeir Trausti and Captain Beefheart - cooking, cheese, cats, cycling, cricket and chianti, although not in that order.

I'm also fully addicted to the wonderful podcast series: "A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs," all of which you can (and should) listen to free-of-charge.

If, for some strange reason known solely to you, you wish to contact me, it's best to do so via LinkedIn, where I'll probably respond soonish; or you can try mike at mike dash allen dot org dot uk

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