I make no claims for anything here apart from authorship of the ideas, but not the words; click any image to open a full-size PDF


The first of the illustrations done on computer way back (actually before 1998), since amended a few times. Always my favourite Nick Drake song.


No prizes for my plagiarism of shape, but a wonderfully ascerbic song from Mr Costello that meant a particular lot to me around 1996-98.


My joint current-favourite Costello song, although I'm still not yet happy with the graphic: I know what I want but can't seem to draw it as yet.


Two Springsteen songs that mirror each other; 35 years between release but from the same era, I believe.


The other current-favourite: a joint Elvis Costello/Loretta Lynn song that contains the word "dapple". Could you ask for more?


I've been obsessed with the Damein Rice song since I first heard it but searched my brain and the web for a suitable, or unsuitable, image until now.


Another righteously-angry song from Elvis Costello, with a wondrous: "...will you please meet this good friend of mine" & guitar. Also meant a lot through '98.


Read what you want into this. Justin Currie said it was intentional when he wrote this,
but it's fully retrospective for me...


OK, strange one: a song about death/suicide that just ranks so highly in my estimation.
Best version by the Cowboy Junkies, though.


Written by Costello in 1988 or so but interesting in these connected hacking times...
the satellite looks down, right now and forever.


And I never reflected that simian stroll;
NASA background.


Liked the font but only added the background eight years later.


So is it "Grey" or "Gray"?
Background: hand-written original lyrics by Robert Hunter.


Not a favourite of mine: neither the song nor these graphics; I do like the fonts, though, and that's why this exists for the moment.


Just a quick aside from Bradbury's "Something Wicked This Way Comes": one of the most-important books & authors for me growing up.

Going Mobile, in 2011

The Who's "Going Mobile" was never in anticipation of WiFi and cloud networks, you know.

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